General Enquiries 疑問解答

1) Who will be in need our services?

  • Landlords who are not frequently in Hong Kong but will return from time to time.Seize the vacancy to rent to travelers. Not only you could have rental income, you could also keep properties for home usage in good conditions when you return.
  • Landlords with properties for investment purposes.Rental agreement will lower properties value. Short term 2-3 months leasing on share-economy platforms keep flexibilities to complete transaction. Limit re-sell restrictions and bindings while keeps income flowing in.
  • Landlords who may be out of Hong Kong for a period of time.Landlords who are out of Hong Kong and unable to handle properties maintenance by their own. Count on us. We could act on your behalf to handle short/long term leasing including maintenance. Keep landlords free from laborious management duties while maximizing return.


  • 香港已有物業,唯經常不在香港在物業空置期間,可短期租與旅遊人仕或商務旅客,增加額外收入之餘,又可在自用前,物業已清潔妥當,回復自用狀態;
  • 物業投資者,物業隨時可交吉作轉售用途物業作長期出租,會令物業市場價值大打折扣。唯交吉物業方可提高物業靈活性,適合投資者或自用客戶歡迎,短期出租,既可增加物業收益,同時保持物業出售的靈活性;
  • 並不長期在港的長線投資者業主經常不在香港,難以處理投資物業的鎖碎事情,透過我們專業代理人服務,既可增加物業收入,同時可省卻處理出租所帶來零散碎事,亦無須親自回港處理。

2) Would it cause extra workload due to short term leasing in Airbnb?

  • Don’t worry, count on us. Once landlords appoint us, our full services could help landlords from posting, handling queries, assisting guest’s move-in and move-out to cleaning and tidying up for next accommodation, even replenishment of consumables and minor repairing. What landlords need to do is just checking bank-in slip with us.


  • 不用擔心,只需與我們簽訂委託合同,將鎖匙交給我們,就可安坐家中,收取出租租金。我們會安排物業上架,解答租客疑難,交收鎖匙,處理物業清潔衛生,迎接下一位元租客光臨,全部過程無須業主現身,我們一條龍服務,令業主安枕無憂。

3) How could landlords ensure properties in secure when leasing to travelers?

  • We understand your properties is precious. We will check and clean your properties once the guests have moved out. Not only we will report to landlords what consumables need to replenish, but also any facilities may need repairing under normal usage.
  • Moreover, Airbnb official insurance program also protect landlords against loss caused by guest damage. We can also assist landlords in storing personal and valuables belongings in short-term warehousing.


  • 我們知道物業貴重,每次出租前和出租後,我們會檢查每一房間,作妥善記錄。如有任何損耗性物品接近耗用完畢,或者,任何正常破損,我們都會向業主彙報。
  • Airbnb官方亦有美金的租客破壞保險,確保出租業主物業得到保障。業主若有私人物品,希望另外存放,我們亦可安排在協力廠商迷你倉存放。

4)Could landlords suspend or terminate leasing?

  • At landlords’ request, we could arrange short-term leasing for 1-3 months or block out certain period of time. Potential interested guests could not make booking accordingly.
  • If landlords want to terminate the leasing or the service with us, we will block out the balance of days from the last guests who are still occupying the premise according to the legitimate booking. Once the last guests have moved out and the premise has been cleaned, we will report to the landlords and return the keys. The last payment will remit to landlords’ bank accounts under normal procedure.

如何暫停?如何終止 ?

  • 我們會按業主要求,開放未來幾個月或長期出租,我們會按業主要求,將個別日子或停租時間封閉,租客就無法租用。。
  • 業主欲想終止委託或出租,即時通知我們,我們即可將物業封盤,待最後一位租客完成租用後,我們與業主交接清楚,即可將物業鎖匙交還業主。最後一期租金亦會按正常流程,匯入業主銀行帳戶。


5)How could landlords receive rental payment?

  • We will provide monthly statement to landlords with breakdown of number of rental night, total income, expense and cost breakdown. We will remit payment to landlords’ designated bank accounts with bank-in slip for proofing.


  • 我們會和業主每月對帳,會直接將租金匯入業主指定銀行戶口。


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